What is a SOLVE Kiosk, anyway?

Hello there,

It’s been a very busy spring around here that rolled into a busy start of summer. You may be asking yourself, what is a SOLVE kiosk. And quite frankly, you should be because there isn’t another one like it. Let me explain…

Here’s a little update about the special pilot project taking place in Maupin. If it is successful in our area, we may see these pop up elsewhere. Don’t miss the boat!

We make our love of the river no secret, in fact, we are proud to holler about our passion for the Deschutes river. We bought a MOTEL to prove it! Naw… really, we just wanted to live in the best little central Oregon town we could locate with the river running through it. And here we are, as they say, the rest is history.

Dawna (Deschutes Motel, owner):

“One day last fall I was walking with a friend to get in our morning exercise in town and we stumbled upon a pile of waste. This dump sight was unnerving to be taking place right under our noses, right where we live, but more importantly this was a practice unnoticed by most and has the potential to impact us all. I’m not saying the area is trashed and all the conservationists need to save it, rather I believe that we can all do a small part to keep it beautiful for a very long time, and in doing so, we further our own survival in the system.”

See that day was eye-opening, as it served to spark a possible solution that once identified, I couldn’t help but notice all over the place. For the next couple months, as I would take walks, I began to really notice that the roadside litter is present in all places. This realization led me to consider that if I walked these locations daily and took it upon myself to pick up a small amount each time, that over time, it would add up and accumulate to the waste being where it belonged, in the garbage, and a pristine environment where I recreated.

I’m sure you’ve all met Gracie and know that we love our morning dog walks with her. We take a bag every time we leave the house because we know what comes with fun and play, the other side and the dirty work. Owning a pet teaches responsibility and owning the environment has the same long-standing impact. It only takes one person, one idea, one bag, and one decision to do the right thing.

During my recent involvement with the RiverFest/Maupin Daze committee, I implemented a project idea, sought the assistance of SOLVE, and  created a partnership between the City of Maupin and the River Stewards who aim to keep is clean.

I present to you the new SOLVE Kiosk, located in Maupin City Park, and available for everyone.

What is it and how does it work? This kiosk is designed to give the river steward an option to give back as they recreate. Not everyone has time or wants to be involved in a formalized clean up event and yet, they’d still love to be a part of the solution.

So, if you’re in the area and you find yourself walking, riding, fishing, rafting, or just plain hanging out by the river, grab a bag and offer a hand. We are proud to recognize that our town is a precious gem and we hope you’ll help us keep it that way. The kiosk is complete with instructions, small and large bags, and a logbook for anyone willing to lend a hand.

It is important to note that this pilot project is in special cooperation with the coordinator, City of Maupin, the BLM, and SOLVE. We hope to see it continue making a lasting impact for the rest of our lives.

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