Touring the Deschutes and the rolling hills…

A lot of folks only think about Maupin in the summer when its hot outside, and they envision being blasted in the face with warm, sunny winds and cool nights! Well, let me give you a tip about the area…most of us actually love the shoulder seasons and we see the 6 months bookmarking the summer months (Spring and Fall months) as the real secret! Perfect 70 degree days are abundant in the heart of Oregon! What to do with all that time floating around on your hands?

- boating
- hiking
- geocaching
- bird sighting
- fishing
- cycling
- rockhounding
- drive tours
- hot springs/Warm Springs Tribal Exploration

I’ve included a link to our Clarno Day Trip Album from last year to give you an idea.

We’d love to join you all as you explore and tour the area, but we are super busy making all kinds of plans for the coming season. Remember that during the off-season (Nov – April), Maupin has more limited, small town hours. Our office opens at 3pm to check y’all in!

We cannot wait to see you all again!

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