April is Earth Month!

Howdy y’all! I have exciting news to share…It’s April and that means it’s time to celebrate Earth! Here’s the best part, Maupin has several events taking place over the next month that will honor the spinning rock through stewardship opportunities. You can escape for the recreation and add on a little extra to give Mother Nature a kickback!

Calendar of events:

  • 4/18/15SOLVE IT is Oregon’s largest volunteer Earth Day event and the Deschutes Motel will have bags available to give your river-steward-side a chance to give back as you recreate in the area.
  • 4/22/15 - EARTH DAY
  • 5/16/15Maupin Daze Environmental Booth: Learn how you can help! Unveiling the SOLVE Pilot Project to offer the state’s only in-land, self-lead, on-going clean-up station!

The PROS AND CONS of living along a natural landscape rich in resources:

Let’s face the facts here. The pros for having the access on the Deschutes River are amazing as it supports an economy in central Oregon that provides residents and tourists alike an open opportunity to live and recreate in nature. With all the management and protections in place, there are still conflicts about the amount of use allowed along the corridor as well as the amount of impact that it creates. The truth is the access itself, in any environment, whether strictly controlled or not, becomes the driving force behind the unintended side effect of human behavior. According to the first PSA (Public Service Announcement) in 1956, humans have been aware of that consequence and have been working to address roadside litter since automobile traffic became the dominate form of transportation. To be an explorer is nothing new for humans. The facts of life are such that the faster we go, the less we see;  and the more wake we make the greater we affect others. We can be a positive catalyst for change every time we make a choice, and let there be no other reason to rejoice than for the love of the land we honor and protect.

In case you hadn’t noticed from the recycling program we insist our guests and employees follow to the projects we undertake, Dave and I are pretty passionate about nature, the environemt in general, and we’re proud of  our own little slice of heaven in central Oregon.  Having left the big city life, I can tell you that when things slow down and you find peace, there is a certain personal commitment to keeping it that way. Environmental pollution comes in all forms, and Maupin could be accused of being part of the problem verses the solution when it comes to granting too much access, as our past decisions have allowed a major powerline network running right through our gorgeous canyon, a fiber optic line running across a man-made bridge, and not to mention a city born by no coincidence along a wonderful natural freshwater spring. These conditions allow folks to travel through an otherwise high desert land that would be too harsh to survive without the highway, the resources, and the kindness of the human presence. Stewardship means the “responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving” and that is exactly what living along the Deschutes river has solidified for us, the owners of the Deschutes Motel. Without the conservation, we become part of the problem. Our values cause us to go above and beyond the call of duty as motel owners and we do the work that gets forgotten about to keep our area protected. Diligently, we work to reduce our impact with our greener purchases and constant commitment to limiting waste and consumption, as well as we are heavily focused on restoring what was once old and still has potential, and aiming to recycle everything under the sun!

What’s the big deal, right? Well, when you live along the Deschutes River, you grow accustomed to the pristine landscape and the slightest candy wrapper or stray aluminum can offends the eye. When you love the sight and smell of sagebrush,  the Deschutes River has a way of drawing your heart in and asking it to stay a while longer. When the sounds of the birds chirping becomes the background of your days and you long for that kind of peace so plentiful that you’ll sacrifice all the abundance in access the big city has to offer that is when one knows their homage to pay is toward the grand Deschutes itself. Maupin is the only city located along this lower stretch of the Deschutes. Situated along the river corridor in a way that creates a stopping ground for city dwellers escaping the madness, for migrating bird life passing through, and for the lucky pioneer who finds oneself asking, “What am I doing and how did I get here?”

Again, its not by coincidence that we ended up along this stretch of river at this place in our lives. During the migratory periods of life, we all need a place to return home to or to stop in for a refuge along the way.  The motel is our migratory home and one we take great pleasure in sharing with folks who see the beauty in what this area has to offer. We cater to a the lovenests and those in love with the nest due to the nature of our location, and we let the feeder remind us of the wild that exists among us. We let the quiet days be the times when we appreciate the nature of business in Maupin. And the not so peaceful ones to remind us of the great freedoms of access in such an amazing land.

NEXT BLOG POST: What is the SOLVE Pilot Project new to Maupin?

And the Facebook Page created specifically for the purpose of documenting stewardship to promote its benefits. https://www.facebook.com/myownsquarefoot

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