Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer a free continental breakfast?

The Deschutes Motel does not offer breakfast for a couple reasons. Our facility was never designed to serve food to the public. We specialize in offering affordable and comfortable lodging which means we do not mark up our price to offer breakfast items that not all guests will want. We’d rather offer the lodging and let you decide from one of the many fabulous breakfast offerings in town. . Please review the menus kindly supplied for you in the back of the Guest Services Directory in the rooms.

Do the rooms have telephones?

In this age, rarely do guests require a phone in their room. Besides all calls outside of the Maupin area are considered long distance, and guests do not want to pay those charges. There is a guest phone inside the lobby for local calls. Most guests travel with their own personal cell phones. In most parts of Maupin, cell phone service is very limited; however, the Deschutes Motel is located at the uppermost elevation of town so we have a few national carriers that work on the property.

Do you have a pool?

We do not have a pool or spa. Unfortunately, the Maupin area is located in the High Desert and home of an extreme environment. There are no pools in Maupin as we are all so close to the Deschutes river where a refreshing swim is open to everyone.

Do your rooms have a full kitchen?

All of our rooms have been updated to include a mini-fridge and microwave (with the exception of the Fishermen’s Retreat). They also have a coffee maker and spacious counters. We no longer have full-sized refrigerators and stoves inside of the rooms. We do have a propane BBQ on the porch for guest’s use.

Is there a television in the room?

All of our rooms are equipped with a 32 inch flat screen satellite TV (with the exception of the Fishermen’s Retreat has a 22 inch).

Are you pet-friendly?

Offering a Pet Care package at check in, it is our goal to be the most pet friendly location in town. We are pet owners and travel exclusively with our pets. We do charge a minimal $10/pet/stay fee to cover additional cleaning. Of note, all of our rooms can be pet friendly and are thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed after each guest, including the four-legged ones. Our guests are required to follow the Pet Policies to ensure all our guests are happy during their stay.

What if I have an animal allergy?

As previously stated, each room is thoroughly cleaned. All bedding is removed, all surfaces are sanitized, and we use a specialized animal vacuum to remove all animal hair.

Why are there so many birds and bugs in Maupin?

Some people may think birds and bugs are a pest, but in the Maupin environment, they are seen as a very healthy ecological system. In a town with World-Class Flyfishing and Upland bird hunting, the cycle must be healthy enough to support all creatures. The birds are plenty and diverse. Depending on temperature and moisture, we have a different bug hatch almost weekly. These bugs feed the birds and the fish. Healthy fish make happy fishermen!

Why is it so hot in Maupin?

Maupin is in Oregon’s High Desert. There are days, mostly in July and August, when we hit 100+ degrees. We have 300 days a year of sunny or partly sunny skies, and we average about 12 inches of rain per year. The Deschutes river canyon is also notorious for afternoon winds. Maupin is the only town situated along the Lower Deschutes River. We are often seen as a little oasis town in the middle of the desert because we work hard to keep the vegetation green and inviting whereas the area around our town is brown and classic of the desert environment.

Is there a restaurant nearby?

Maupin has several great restaurants to dine in or take out. The closest restaurants are the Deschutes Pizza Company, the Rainbow Tavern, and the Maupin Market Deli, all within a ½ mile walk. There are also several more locations two miles down the highway, through town, on the river. Please review the menus kindly supplied for you in the back of the Guest Services Directory in the rooms.

Is the Deschutes Motel a non-smoking establishment?

All of our rooms are non-smoking. We do have various areas for those who would like a place to smoke. We do not allow smoking in doorways or near open windows, and would be happy to point out areas that do not cause an inconvenience to those that do not wish to be exposed to the smoke.



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