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We’re a cozy little roadside resting place offering the small town escape of Maupin life. We’re known for the peaceful offering on the upper Maupin bench overlooking the river canyon during your recreational retreat. Maupin, Oregon is a unique community, an incredibly small and diverse population of folks seeking that simpler lifestyle. Maupin has a commitment to its location on the map as the only city along the Lower Deschutes River and acts as your destination stop. Historically, the town of Maupin was a ferry crossing, turned railroad station and then milling town. Maupin has now accepted its natural course and continues to push toward development on the map as the access point and recreational mecca of the Deschutes River Area. We offer our town and its high desert setting located just on the opposite side of Mt Hood, where the earth unfolds and the lava formation and ice age changes have carved our special spot among the rolling hills and far-reaching sky. We are a backyard playground for nearby cities  and we embrace this destination town identity. With world-class flyfishing and various hunting opportunities, the largest number of commercial rafting trips offered throughout the state, as well as the cycling, hiking and nature spots around, you’ll have plenty to discover as you explore the sunnyside of the Cascade Range.

All the Queen/King and Family suites have been updated:

  • Streamline and ultra-quiet heating/cooling system
  • Serta Comfort Mattresses
  • 32” Flat Screen Satellite TV
  • Microwave and Minifridge
  • In-Room Coffee Makers
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Large courtyard area with chairs
  • BBQ area for guest use
  • Onsite Boat Trailer Parking
  • Recycling Station

What’s there to do while in Maupin… Ask us about the variety of day trips for hiking and exploring the area!

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A local Oregon authur, Scott Richmond, wrote in his recently published fiction, ‘River in the Sun,’ “During these times at the edges of the day – his mind cleared by the repetition of casting and his senses heightened to the life around him – Logan felt a peace and harmony that he found nowhere else. It wasn’t the quiet. On the contrary, it was the energy: the canyon walls with their layers of lava pushed up from deep in the earth, the constant flow of water, the turning of the earth, the stars in the sky, the wildlife around him, the fish in the river, even the blades of growing grass and the rustling leaves of alders. Time collapsed, and all things merged into one vital, vibrant, instantaneous whole: the energy of Life. And he was connected to all of it, one with the river, one with the world around him. He drew energy from their energy, peace through their peace.”

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